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Family Bike Ride

Active Transportation

green works

Initiative Highlights

  • Host cleanups

  • Street audits

  • Green Team

  • Collab w/ Peg City

Program Inquiries

Alex Legare

Greening & Environment Supervisor


Our Sustainable Commitment at the West End Resource Centre (WERC)

At WERC, active transportation is central to our Greening & Environment initiatives. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint to protect our communities from pollution. Our commitment inspires others to join this critical mission.

Active transportation includes cycling, walking, recycling, and minimizing plastic use to promote a healthier planet. To combat climate change, we regularly host cleanups and conduct street audits to maintain a clean and eco-friendly city.

Our proactive measures against the carbon footprint include annual cleanups, street audits, and collaboration with Peg City Car Co-op for accessible parking. Our Green Team sets up water stations for cyclists and walks or bikes to community garden sites, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability.

We are excited to share our passion for sustainability and making a difference in our community and the world.

Upcoming Events...

None at the Moment.

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