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Kanak Kulhari

Greening, Housing & Safety Coordinator


Bite Back Wpg

Bite Back Winnipeg is a dedicated program focused on supporting local residents in their battle against bed bugs. With a mission to address and mitigate bed bug infestations, the program provides essential resources and assistance to those in need. By fostering a proactive and collaborative approach, Bite Back Winnipeg plays a vital role in promoting healthier living environments for the community.

WERC is committed to providing essential services to enhance the living standards of our community in the Daniel McIntyre/ St. Matthews neighbourhood. We proudly offer complimentary items such as Spring Covers, Mattress Covers, Defender Cups, and Masks to our residents. Moreover, we provide Steamer rentals free of charge to our local residents when available.

WERC provides steamer and vacuum rentals free to residents of our neighbourhood (Daniel McIntyre/ St. Matthews) when available. At times, we will rent these items to people outside our neighbourhood at a rate of $40 for a three day period. A $50 refundable deposit and piece of photo ID is required. Contact us for availability.If you live in another Neighbourhood Development Corporation's catchment area, see above for a list, contact them to see what bed bug services they provide.

For city-wide services and initiatives, such as the Bug N Scrub program, visit the Province of Manitoba’s bed bug website or contact their Bed Bug Hotline at 1-855-3MB-BUGS (1-855-362-2847) or

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