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Stay informed about upcoming workshops in the 'Upcoming Events' section

Greening Together to make the West End the Best End!

Program Inquiries

Alex Legare

Greening & Environment Supervisor


Welcome to the West End Resource Centre's Greening & Environment platform, where we foster an eco-conscious community through our impactful Garden Workshops. Government stipulations require a minimum of four workshops annually, but we aim higher, typically hosting five or more. Each workshop covers diverse topics based on community interests and concerns about environmental sustainability.

Our Garden Workshops offer practical skills like composting, vegetable drying, seed planting, and garden cultivation. We also delve into important issues like food insecurity and the significance of perennials. Additionally, we welcome any other greening topics our community values.

Stay informed about upcoming workshops in the 'Upcoming Events' section below. All workshops are entirely free, reflecting our commitment to accessible environmental education.

Embrace this opportunity to engage with your community, deepen your environmental understanding, and practice sustainable techniques. Your journey toward greening starts here at the West End Resource Centre. Join us for our Garden Workshops and be part of our thriving eco-conscious community.

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