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Beautifying our neighborhood and supporting vulnerable community members

Helping maintain and beautify the yards and properties of those who can't, contact us to learn more!

Program Inquiries

Alex Legare

Greening & Environment Supervisor


Yards Works

The Yard Works Program is a unique initiative with a dual purpose: beautifying our neighborhoods and supporting vulnerable community members. Our main focus is providing essential outdoor home maintenance to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities, including lawn mowing, weed control, tree pruning, and branch removal. After our work is done, we ensure a thorough property sweep to maintain tidiness.

Beyond maintenance, the program promotes youth engagement and community development. It empowers young people to make a positive impact through community service, fostering a sense of responsibility and pride in their surroundings.

The Yard Works Program's impact goes beyond aesthetics; it contributes to neighborhood beautification and safety, uplifting residents' spirits and enhancing community security.

If interested, reach out to our Greening Supervisor, Adam Kostas, for pre-registration and program details. Operating every Wednesday and Thursday, weather permitting, we invite you to contribute to the well-being and beauty of our communities.

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